TUTE-TASTIC (or TUTERRIFIC) Indoor Stroke Clinics

Throughout the year we host Stroke Clinics, that are run by Top Athletes we bring to Sacramento. These clinics are typically 2-3 hours long, starting with a one hour classroom session, time for photos and autographs, then a one hour pool session. We've had Olympians, Olympic Gold Medalists, National Champians and World Record holders come to our Sacramento area pool to share their knowledge and excitement of the sport of swimming.

Our indoor swimming pool is perfect for swim clinics. When the weather turns wet and cold in Sacramento, our building is still a nice 80 degrees, and our water is still 83 degrees. No more shivering, blue lipped swimmers during stroke drills! And we have free WiFi for the parents.

Upcoming Clinics (clickable)

Previous Clinics we've held:

    Turns and Underwater Clinic with World Record Holder Ariana Kukors
    Butterfly Clinic with Olympian Kim Vandenberg:
    Breaststroke Clinic with Olympian Roque Santos:
    Freestyle w/Chloe Sutton:
    Breaststroke Clinic with Olympian Roque Santos:
    Triathlon Clinic w/Dave Scott:
    Distance Freestyle w/Kate Ziegler:
    IM Clinic With Two Time Olympian Kaitlin Sandeno:

Our Other Clinics If you are looking for our Spring/Summer Rec Prep Clinics: Spring/Summer Swim Clinics
If you are looking for our Fall/Winter Swim Clinics: Fall/Winter Swim Clinics

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